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A former Legislative Counsel to Democratic Congressman Barney Frank, serving at various times the House Judiciary, Homeland Security and Financial Services Committees, MARK LEVINE currently hosts the Washington-area nationally-syndicated radio/TV talk show The Inside Scoop and The AM Alternative, and he co-hosts both The Raucous Caucus and News Views.  These programs are heard in the metro DC area on Pacifica’s WPFW (89.3 FM), We Act Radio (1480 AM), and Channel 10 (FPA).


Mark weekly hosts the nationally-syndicated Leslie Marshall Show and was the sole non-African-American host on Sirius/XM’s The Power. Mark also frequently appears on FOX, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN Headline News, Fox Business, NPR, Chinese and Russian TV, and local News Channel 8, tangling with everyone from Bill O’Reilly on the Right to his Pacifica co-hosts on the Left.


Mark’s diverse legislative resume includes authoring for the Congressional Black Caucus the official Constitutional Challenge to the 2000 Bush/Gore Election, writing path-breaking domestic-violence and gay-rights legislation, defeating the Bush faith-based initiative, and drafting a section of the USA-PATRIOT Act that protected civil liberties (but is no longer in the law). He’s held jobs as diverse as corporate trial attorney, inner-city school teacher, and Nazi-hunter for the U.S. Department of Justice.


Whether the attacks come from the Right or the Left, Mark strives for consistency in his political philosophy, and he wields his pocket Constitution as rhetorical weapon. Mark holds an economics degree magna cum laude from Harvard, where he wrote his thesis under the direction of President Reagan’s chief economic advisor Martin Feldstein.  He also has a law degree from Yale and a Fulbright Scholarship from Switzerland. He is a Senior Fellow with the Truman National Security Project and ran for Congress in June 2014.

Longer Demo Reel, with Introduction by Rush Limbaugh

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